"The best roller cleaning machine I’ve ever seen".

Cameron Fyfe, GK Fyfe Ltd.

"The roller cleaner is a great invention I use it all the time roller come out perfect, all
painters I know who have come and had a go they love it to".

Steven Dassler, Dassler Paining & Decorating.

"Never thought I would be excited about a roller sleeve washer but this thing is the goods, we run it
in conjunction with our water reclaimer from Resene as we are are Eco Decorators and it’s the icing
on the cake. I’ve had Rob from Resene in for a look and he was amazed. Money well spent".

Brian Hewlett, PTP & Son Ltd.

"Hand on heart, I feel good about what we’re doing. Always felt so bad about washing in the sink".

Brian Hewlett, PTP & Son Ltd.

"Roller Blaster® saves me money on buying roller sleeves. It’s such a pleasure cleaning out our sleeves knowing that when we open the lid after the cleaning cycle, the rollers are like brand new again. I’m now able to re-use higher quality sleeves which gives me a better paint finish on the walls".

Steven Dassler, Dassler Decorating Ltd.

"We have been using the roller blaster for a year now and our team loves it, it actually does what it says it will and cleans rollers quickly and cleanly.

A great image for our company as it shows we are willing to invest in good gear to keep our clients homes free from paint waste and that we are looking to improve our environmental footprint."

Paul Eaton, Profile Painters.

“This is a real world solution for a real world problem; a problem for the painter and for the environment”.

Gary Dyer, Gary Dyer Painting & Decorating. (Roller Blaster shareholder)

"I’m absolutely rapt with my Roller Blaster. Gone are the days of throwing the sleeves in the bin, or having to try and wash them on someone’s lawn. The machine is exactly how you demonstrated it and so easy to clean dark colours out so they can be reused time over. And again thank you for the back up support we received once the machine arrived."

Jeff Allan, Jeff Allan Paint & Paper
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