• Instant savings
  • Automated hands free clean
  • High pressure clean
  • Portable
  • Dacron – Wool – Microfiber
  • Full mess containment
  • 45 Seconds
  • 3.2 Litres of water
  • Sleeves up to 270mm
  • Onsite cleaning
  • Integrates with re claimers
  • 10x Increased capacity of re-claimers
  • New Zealand Invented

Whichever way you look at it without the Roller Blaster, cleaning paint roller sleeves is a messy and time consuming process. It’s bad for business and bad for the environment and no paint roller cleaners solves all these problems.

The labour, hassle and mess associated with cleaning roller sleeves, means painters are resorting to using ‘cheap ‘n chuck’ sleeves which are binned after use. These lower quality sleeves impact the quality of their work, and because they don’t hold as much paint and they leave fluff in your work, there is a hidden cost of using these sleeves that’s hard to quantify.

Whether your cleaning roller sleeves or throwing them away. None of us like the effect we are having on environment, it weighs heavily on our conscience. But until now there just hasn’t been a viable solution

Roller Blaster® is that solution for cleaning paint roller sleeves. It gives a deep, high pressure clean in seconds, saving you time and money, and with only using 3 liters of water to clean your sleeves it makes it easy to collect the paint laden waste water and recycle it. Leaving your conscience clear and a positive effect on the environment whilst saving you time and money.

Nothing beats the power of the Roller Blaster®.

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