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Clean your paint roller sleeves in 40 seconds or less with the touch of a button. Learn more

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Clean your paint roller sleeves in 40 seconds or less.

Cleaning paint rollers is one of the worst parts of the job. It takes ages, makes a big mess and just when you think its clean, you find even more paint left in it.

Unlike any other roller cleaner, Roller Blaster® gives your sleeves a deep, high pressure clean in seconds, using 3 litres of water or less whilst containing all the mess. Only the Roller Blaster® provides an automatic, hands-free roller sleeve clean.

Whether your currently cleaning your sleeves or throwing them out. Using the Roller Blaster® you can now buy high quality sleeves and reuse them over and over again.

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Roller Blaster - doing the right thing

Time & Money

You can now literally clean paint roller sleeves in seconds, and as the saying goes … time is money!  Reuse your high quality sleeves again and again and save thousands on sleeves.

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"I’m absolutely rapt with my Roller Blaster. So easy to clean... and the sleeves can be reused time over".
Jeff Allan. Jeff Allan Paint & Paper

Save the

Save our environment one clean at a time!
With today’s issues around water quality and conservation, its now possible to completely clean your paint rollers using 3 litres of water or less, while containing all the mess. No more disposing of paint laden waste-water into our environment.

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"Hand on heart I feel good about what we’re doing. Always felt so bad about washing in the sink".
Brian Hewlett, PTP & Son Ltd.
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