How it all started

The Roller Blaster® hi-pressure cleaning unit was developed by our founder, Stephen Bentley.

After spending what felt like hours washing his rollers, Stephen was fed up with the amount of time and water he was wasting. Seeing a water blaster sitting out on the lawn, he thought he’d finally found the solution. A change of clothes later he realised this was going to be a harder nut to crack.

Inspired, he went back to his garage and, after many long nights, with dinners at his workbench – the Roller Blaster was born.

Stephen Bentley

Since these early days in Stephen’s garage, we have gone on to successfully close several capital raises, secured patent, design, and trademark protection in key markets, and have begun commercial production of the Roller Blaster® machine. Through our pilot programme we have sold a number of machines, and their performance has exceeded expectations.

We’re now ready to take on the world!

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