18 Months ago Brian and Jesse Hewlett owners of PTP & Son bought a Roller Blaster to clean their paint roller sleeves. They have put hundreds of sleeves through it since.

We popped back to see them to catch up on how the Roller Blaster was working for there business.

Before Roller Blaster we used to wash out on the customers back lawn or a bucket and the paint waste just went on the ground. Not something we are proud of but there was no other solution.

Now we simply wrap our sleeves when we have finished on the job and bring them back to base. Then use the Roller Blaster to clean the sleeves and because it uses such a little amount of water we can now reclaim all the waste and take it back to Resene for recycling.

PTP & Son and Roller Blaster
Changed our business forever

“Hand on heart now I don’t feel bad about anything going on someones grass or down the drain. It feels really good. No one likes to go out side and see there prized roses covered in paint.”

We also get to use our sleeves over and over. We have seen a reduction in having to buy new sleeves by 70%.

The Roller Blaster aslo gets rid teh little crusty bits on the sleeve so before we use to have to through them out. Now we just run it the Roller Blaster and the sleeve is good as new.

We have also noticed a huge savings in labour and water. We used to scrap and scrub and it would take 10 minutes per sleeve and use at least 30 litres of water. Now the guys don’t have to finish work early to come back and clean there sleeves. Now they just come hear in the morning unwrap their sleeves and chuck it through the Roller Blaster it easy! And its saving us thousands….

Best best thing about the Roller Blaster for me is the reduction in environmental impact. I dont have to feel bad about someone washing into the environment and that going into the water table.

If you would like to see the full video interview click here.

Brian from PTP and Son Cleaning a paint roller sleeve using the Roller Blaster