Back in Jan 2020 we bought a Roller Blaster roller cleaner.

Before Roller Blaster we used to leave our roller sleeves in a bucket of water. They would soak for a night or 2 and then in the weekend we would clean them out. We didnt have an apprentice at the time so it was left up to me. I got so sick of cleaning them I found it easier and cheaper just to biff them.

Now we have a Roller Blaster it’s quite exciting to clean a roller, just to see how clean it come out. It’s the best thing ever. It saves a lot of time, effort and the rollers come out so clean. You can get the worst roller and it still comes out beautifully clean.

The biggest thing is we are saving on rollers. I hardly ever buy them any more because they are coming out so clean.

Buying a Roller Blaster was a no brainer.

With currently only 1 staff member we have found our costs around sleeves have dropped by 2 thirds and our labour costs for cleaning have all but disappeared.

I reckon combined it’s saving us thousands of dollars a year.

It’s so easy and gives such a perfect clean every time. I can even get my young son to do them for me.

I Highly recommend the Roller Blaster and tell painters about it every chance I can get. As far as painters go we don’t get a lot of free time for ourselves and our families between running a business and doing the job. So anything that can free up time is gold.

When it came to the waste we used to clean roller on the back lawn with a hose because with the shear volume of water it used to take it was easier than filling up the reclaimer all the time. Now we have a Roller Blaster and it uses such a little amount of water, it works hand in hand with our Resene wash wise system.

This adds greatly to our eco decorator status.

I have found the Roller Blaster company super approachable and easy to deal with with a no bull attitude.

Steve Dassler – Dassler Painting & Decorating

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